Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hunter's Missionary album page 1

I seriously kicked myself in the butt the entire time Hunter
was out serving his mission thinking...
"I really should work on his album, then it will be done when he comes home."
Kick as I might, I did nothing!

Now, I'm so stinking ecstatic that I didn't.
Why?  you ask.

Because of:
The Elder Edition for the Project Life by Becky Higgins.

It's so easy. You pick an album.
Pick your photos & cards.
Journal and plunk them in.

I call it a 'plunk it' system.

Here's the opening page for Hunter's album
 The fun part is you can just plunk the cards in or you can still get a little creative.
I used the sewing machine, some foam squares 
and some paint splatter and this is the result.
 I did cut apart a couple of the cards, but not to worry... you get about 5 of each card so you're not
losing out at all.  There's the little heart to highlight Santa Rosa, California.  The different quotes & scriptures throughout the cards are so perfect.

Next I'm working on pages for the things he did to prepare to leave on his mission.
Fun stuff!  If anyone ever wants to play... C'mon over!


  1. Love this Kris! This will keep you close.

  2. I love to see the things you are making. You are so talented

  3. Looks AMAZING!! LOVING the photos and the map paper!!!!

  4. This is Fabulous Kris!! Your son will cherish this album! I can't wait to see more.